UPDATE: Deadline extended to June 30th!

Press On With Qrates

Committed to Supporting Artists

Now more than ever, we know it's important to get your music out there and into your fan's hands.

To help, we are offering 100 free records for your next project.

From design, on-demand pressing, sales, storage, and shipping, we're here to provide you everything you need, to get your music on vinyl.

- The Qrates Team

100 More Copies

For You, On Us

Rally your fans and complete a crowdfunding project and we'll add another 100 records at no cost.

Keep your records with Qrates free of charge and get discovered by the Qrates community.

Vinyl Made Easy

Release Music On Your Terms

Get your record pressed and shipped in less than 10 weeks with our press only service. 

Press Only


Know how many records you'd like to press, but want to lower your upfront costs? Launch a pre-order project. 



No upfront costs and no-over ordering: we press the number of records you sell, and ship them straight to your backers.



↳ No risk, no waste 

↳ No upfront costs, ever

↳ Perfect for your first vinyl release

↳ Keep 85% of your net revenue

↳ Get paid as soon as your project ships

↳ Great for limited editions

↳ Know your upfront costs

↳ Take orders from your own platform

↳ Great for established artists

Everything You Need
To Focus On The Music

The Vinyl Studio

Start a new project with our award-winning Vinyl Studio. Featuring over 12,000 customisation options and a built-in dynamic profit calculator, you’ll know exactly what you record will look like, and how much you’ll earn, right from the start.

Free Storage

Store your records at Qrates and ship from either the UK or US. Manage your inventory through your project dashboard to sell, ship, and repress at any time.


We pack and deliver worldwide in less

than 10 weeks from when your project

is complete. Shipping to you, stores, or

straight to your fans.

On-Demand Pressing

Whether it’s 100 or 5,000 records, a limited release or a first-time project. Qrates has a sales model that suits you. No risk, and no over-ordering—we only press what you sell.

Independent—but not alone. Our team

is ready on standby to help you every

step of the way to ensure your project


Customer Support

Get your music into the hands of a

community of serious listeners. Publish

and sell on Qrates and tap directly into

our retail distribution network - where you can keep up to 90% of the revenue.

A Home for Your Music

Hear It From The Artists Who Use Qrates


"Housing and shipping is a huge inconvenience that you guys have solved."

Brad Desmond

Manager, 11e1ven Group

Martin Kennedy

Artist, All India Radio

"I just love the way it works with you guys. I absolutely love the way the records are packaged."


Sure thing. We'll honor our 100 free records and store them in either our UK or US warehouse for free so you can keep selling them to our global vinyl community. Contact us at support@qrates.com so we can sort you out.

Can I launch a pre-order instead of a crowdfunding project?

Yes, we'll be promoting your project to our global vinyl community. Press Only projects are not eligible for this campaign.

Do I need to publish a project on Qrates in order to get the free 100 records?

We want to support as many artists as we can during these challenging times. We have extended this promotion until June 30th, 2020. 

When will this promotion end?

We will press the extra 100 records as long as your project has not started pressing on a request basis. Please contact us through your project dashboard. *Please note the pressing process will begin once you have submitted all the required files for your project.

What if I have an ongoing or recently just finished a crowdfunding project?

What happens to the extra 100 records?

These are not the times to be going to the post office and shipping out records yourself. You can use either our UK or US warehouse for free and keep selling your records on Qrates. Your record will be made available to the entire Qrates community.

Press On With Qrates

Get an extra free 100 records.

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